Professional Sales Engineering

                            About the Company


Manufacturers Representation for electrical / electronic components and systems,

preferably not currently available in BC and AB


Project Management and Consulting on the development or customization of

electrical / electronic components and systems


Distribution sales of electrical or electronic components and systems from

overseas manufacturers who do not have distributors in Canada


                              Mission Statement


Provide professional, competent and personalized technical solutions to

Electrical and Electronic Industrial clients in the regions of Alberta and British

Columbia while providing value to suppliers


                               Vision Statement


To be the “GO TO” company for the electrical industry’s product solutions 


                           Customers and Industries



   Oil and Gas equipment

   Sawmill equipment

   Electrical Control Panels                                      

   Water Treatment systems

   Mining equipment  

   Agricultural equipment                                         

   Pumps and Compressors


End Users



   Agricultural operations

   Industrial companies



   Water Treatment

   Electrical & control

   Oil & Gas


   Pulp and Paper




   Electrical contractors

   General contractors

   Mechanical contractors

   Contract Manufacturers